Exodus Burned

Technical Designer | Game Developer

Exodus Burned is a virtual reality Esport game where you use your body as a controller to compete against your opponents. In Exodus Burned you play 1 vs 1 up to 4 vs 4, competing to get to the last escape pod first, before the spaceship you find yourself on crashes into the burning hot surface of a star after 10 minutes. Using your unrestricted movement, beating puzzles, challenges and facing your opponents head on will ensure your team a higher score, and the escape pod.

During my internship at Pillow’s Willow – VR Studio’s I started to work on Exodus Burned as a Gameplay Designer, Prototype Tester and practiced a bit with shaders. Because it was still an early project with new technologies that would track the player’s entire body combined with VR we had to test the setup a lot and make sure that the challenges were optimized for VR. We had to keep in mind during the designs that the game shouldn’t be only fun for the player but also for the audience.

Exodus Burned is still in development by Pillow’s Willow – VR Studio’s. More information can be found on their website. 

Visit the Pillow’s Willow – VR Studio’s site for more of Exodus Burnedand other games.