Dialogue Tool

Technical Designer | Game Developer

Because our game “[UN]born was such a narrative heavy game we decided to make a tool that would make it easier to create and adjust scenarios. The whole game is running on that single tool and applies nearly 250 dialogue texts including voice acting and events. 

I made this tool in 5 weeks to make my job a lot easier as developer in the game [UN]born. I followed 2 tutorials about how to create a Node based tool. I started to adjust a few scripts and soon I discovered how to create my own tool with it. After 5 weeks the tool was still incomplete, but I could fix the project with it.

The main goal for the tool was to implement the audio and events and to edit the texts, characters and story flow. My side goal was to let the designer work in the same tool as I did so I had less work and could focus on creating all the scenes.

After a few weeks I realized that I needed to adjust the tool just a little bit more to finish my project. However, I kept on tweaking the tool to fix more work for that specific project, which is why I stopped adjusting the tool after the project.

All the audio was implemented with FMOD and Unity, the events are all script based Singletons and all the narrative was created by our designer who is focused on Narrative Design, who also made Lantana with me.