Technical Designer | Game Developer

Lantana comes home and notices some strange things happening around her house. With a mysterious voice guiding her she tries to defend herself and overcome the strange things. In this Coop VR game you both experience a moment of Lantana her life. After your experience in VR you both enter the real world and have a conversation with a psychiatrist. He tries to figure out the truth, but do you even know the truth ?

Lantana is a dutch Virtual Reality Thriller.

After you played the game you would visit the psychiatrist.

My job

In Lantana I created all the triggers in the game, added all the audio, made sure that the HTC Vive worked correctly and playtested a lot to make sure it all comes together.

Lantana has been my first Virtual Reality project. Together with one of my teammates I tested the HTC vive on different games and tried to figure out what would be possible for us to implement in our game. We came across a lot of problems and figured out how to prevent it, for example the reflections of mirrors that distort the signal, the range of the HTC vive that didn’t fit our room scale and the size of the player that isn’t scalable.

In Lantana there is a possibility to grab items that are spread across the room. It was a pain in the ass to figure out how to make this work, because the VR controllers work different than other controllers would do with physics, collisions and parenting of objects. Eventually we figured out how to fix this and it worked fine for in our game.

Lantana has been completely made in Unity3D and Maya. The story has been written by one of our teammates who is focused on narrative design. Because we spent a lot of time figuring out how the HTC vive works. Because we had some struggles with the art I decided to implement a lot of if-statements to play the audio used in the story. After this project I learned a lot about Narrative games and Virtual Reality and decided to continue with the narrative driven games.


During the concept phase we agreed on a multiplayer game where you both experience your own story. In this multiplayer game you both put on a HTC vive. At first the room is dark, but after a moment you wake up in a room that has the same layout as the room in Real life. Both rooms are identical to each other but have a different story.

After the player experienced the story in VR you put the VR glasses off and you are invited to wait in the lobby of a psychiatrist. You will be here together with the other person and you can overhear the psychiatrist yelling at someone on the phone. After a minute or two the psychiatrist will invite you two to his room. He will talk to you as one person and you need to reply as one person. It might feel a little bit strange, but in the end you will realize that you’ve been experiencing the same story, but from a different view and that you are schizophrenic.


Despite the fact that we had a rough start, worked with a new technology and some struggles in between we managed to win the first prize of our project called “Hybrid Spaces” and was given the best score of all the fifteen participating teams. The jury chose our project because they felt “Lantana was the most complete experience of the day” and they praised the interconnection of the narrative between digital and physical space.