Reef Quest

Technical Designer | Game Developer

In Reefquest, set in the same universe as Pillow’s Willow – VR studio’s succesful ‘Spark of Light’, you play as a girl in a blue onesie on a quest to clean the ocean pollution. Using your sea-creature friends, which all have their own unique mechanics and meaningful interactions, you become more aware about the actual state of sea pollution in a playful and engaging way. Reefquest is a vertical slice of the final game which is still in development.

I got the opportunity to work at an upcoming title called Reef Quest during my internship at Pillow’s Willow – VR studio’s. As a game developer I worked on several VR tweaks, such as making the player’s experience feel smooth and comfortable. I also worked together with the designers to create interesting and new mechanics that would create a whole new experience for the VR world. After a month or two we started creating new prototypes and finalizing the story around the character and the environment. The demo existed of 3 levels where the player would learn the mechanics and defeat the boss that was polluting the sea with the mechanics they just learned.

The final goal of Reef Quest was to create a big world where you would hop from one area to another, clean the mess that was made by the bad guys and save the animals living in that area. However, until now there is no information about what will happen with Reef Quest as Pillow’s Willow is busy with another project.

To stay up to date you can always check their website for more information.