Seminary of Sight

Technical Designer | Game Developer

In the cosmic horrorgame ‘The Seminary of Sight’ you embark on the divine journey of a priestess as she follows her God through the dark depths of space and time. This journey brings her to the Seminary of Sight, a holy place built by her God among the bright stars, God’s ever-watching and judging eyes. The seemingly abandoned seminary houses cosmic nightmares, the blinding ones, hellbent on stopping the priestess on her travel to the Highest Place.

Official trailer

At the start of the Seminary of Sight I worked together with 2 other level designers on designing and creating some of the journey’s maps where the player would get to know more about ‘the Highest Place’. We started off with a lot of design sessions where we’d discuss what the game needed and what would be fun and emmersive. Making the narrative and the environments work together was quite harsh, especially when the narrative gets swapped a few times. Together with the designers and the other developers we came up with the core gameplay for the Seminary of Sight that would fit the narrative.

Later on in the development we stumbled upon our biggest obstacle, time. Because we had 6 months for this project we had to cut some features and areas to reduce the amount of work that need to be done. We decided on finishing a polished game and not a half-ass finished game where you’d notice that we needed more time to finish it. This decision was made by our team existing out of 14 well-talented students and after that we gave it all to make this the best project we’ve worked on so far.

My part in this project was to help to design and prototype some of the mechanics and areas. When the game designers were focussing on tweaking the areas I was busy on implementing the audio and setting up the character audio controller. When I look back to this project I feel fulfilled of what we accomplished in 6 months beginning from scratch and I can say that this is the best experience I could get to experience what it is like to work as a team on a way too big project, but manage to create something beautiful.

Gameplay Trailer