Technical Designer | Game Developer

Spelbook is a motion capture, VR and Isadora multiplayer game made in 1 week in which the VR player is a mage looking for a spellbook. When he finds the spell book the guardians of the temple put his abilities to the test.

The VR player plays the game in a motioncapture suit. He can cast spells with his arms to defeat minions, and walk around to avoid minions. The other players can move the spawnpoints of the minions to increase the challenge for the VR player. Meanwhile Isadora provides sound and lighting when spells are cast.

There are four invisible points around the VR player that decide which element is cast when the VR player touches them. To cast the elements the VR player has to touch one of those points and an invisible point in front of him.

Once cast the element can damage the minions spawned by the four different crystals in the room. The crystals spawn minions of their own element. The four elements are either weak, resistant or neutral to each other. When a minion Is defeated another will be spawned by the crystal. The crystals can be moved by the players without a VR.

My job during this project was to make sure the motion capture would work with the android VR, the servers and our game. In the end the game sort of worked, but their were some problems with the spell casting that one of our technical artists made. It was a pretty cool experience to create something with motion capture and how to implement stuff like that.