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[UN]born is a game where you live in the future and experience the life of your upcoming child. Abortion is not allowed in the future due to economic reasons. Thus, the government decides to create a protocol where you experience a life with your, currently unborn, child. This game is narrative heavy and feels more like a story than a real game.

My Participation

My job in this project was to create a narrative tool to implement all the dialogues, voice acting, special effects etc with ease. I spent half of the project creating this tool and the other half creating the game. Because I created this tool I saved myself so many time and made my job a lot easier. What seemed to be an impossible project of 30 min non-repetitive content turned out quite well. After our due date we continued working on [UN]born and even went to the Dutch Game Garden with it. We released it a week after that moment on itch.io and had around 100+ downloads with it.


In the nearby future America is – after consecutive putsches – controlled by ‘The Conglomerate’, which is an organization of multinationals working together. In the dystopian society of The Conglomerate it’s all about production and the welfare of the people is not taken into account. The middle- and lower classes are eradicated and the new poor working class has taken over its place. Just a small portion of the population is rich, has more freedom and lives the ultimate welfare. Due to high production demand of the Conglomerate and political issues in the world is the Conglomerate in 2028 the only ruler on earth.

Starting from 2036 the population does not grow any further because nobody wants to have kids anymore. This era will be known as the unborn-era. The amount of illegal abortions increases drastically and has never been as high as it was at that moment in human history. Because of this event the production of The Conglomerate is in danger and so there will begin an economic recession.

The Conglomerate invents the Holo-homes initiative to stimulate the population growth. The empty, cheap produced, houses get holographic sensors which will replace all the missing furniture, for example flowers, art and toys. Doing this they hope to increase the popularity’s growth by stimulating the people. However, the holo-homes initiative fails, just like the cloning-technology and the banning of birth control.

The Conglomerate decides to use their last-resort and launches the “[UN]born protocol”. Pregnant women who are willing to abort their pregnancy will be arrested and forced to join the protocol. During the protocol they get drugged and doing so will show simulations of how their life will be when they’ve given birth to their child and what it will look like in a few years in hope that they are willing to keep their child after the simulation. The population is afraid of this protocol because they are unsure about the choices they give you after the simulation.

Download Unborn here.

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